• Microsoft releases 2019 wave 2 Power Platform

    Microsoft recently released wave 2 of the Power Platform. In short, looks like a lot of re-branding with an eye to more functionality in the not too distant future.

  • AI Builder and Business Card Scanner in Canada

    I was recently looking to test out with the 'Dynamics 365 wave 2 release' Business Card Scanner software on my iPhone device and came across a full-stop issue... 

  • Schedule automatic Dynamics 365 currency rate updates using Flow

    I've always wanted to put this one together but none of my clients (since 2002 with version 1.0) have ever wanted to spend money for it - what does that say about it being a 'nice-to-have' instead of a 'must-have' requirement!!

    This automation uses Flow to retrieve the latest currency rates from a public feed (thank you http://www.floatrates.com!!) and update those currencies set up within Dynamics 365. This flow provides the basics but certainly there is opportunity for improvement. Please do!

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide - November, 2019 release

    For those that need to budget and license Dynamics 365, Microsoft has released its updated License Guide. Download Now to learn more...

  • Setting up Toll-Free Numbers - Voicemail

    To state the obvious, setting up voicemail in Teams from the perspective of a toll-free number is simple once you know what needs to be done.

  • Setup Speech-to-text for Dynamics 365

    Here are some helpful hints about setting up Speech-to-text for Dynamics 365.
  • Using Speech-to-Text in Dynamics 365 Mobile

    I was recently looking adding the capability to enter post-meeting notes via speech to meet the sales rep requirement of wanting to simplify the entering of meeting notes. Using the native microphone dictation services proved effective in achieving these goals; however, the number of clicks to achieve this goal was found numerous that lessened the convenience potential and thus usage and adoption. A future option will look at simplifying the ability to access the last Appointment for additional sales rep convenience and adoption gains.

  • DXRMS commitment to the environment

    DXRMS signs on for clean, pollution-free energy with Bullfrog Power®

  • DXRMS deploys new web site

    DXRMS is excited to deploy a new web site that includes a complete architect change. 
  • New Lead Email Notification - Flow

    I recently wrote a Flow for a SMB that I was surprised was not otherwise widely available. The Flow checks for new Leads created through the corporate web site at 3 specific times every weekday and sends an email notification with the list of new Leads to the Sales Manager should one or more Leads are found.