Today, organizations must consider the additional investment in automated marketing tools and processes in order to remain competitive. At dxrms, we view Dynamics CRM as a strong platform (xRM) for creating a comprehensive business automation solution that includes automated marketing. So strong is our feeling, we have extended our practice to include marketing professionals and partnerships with leading automated marketing vendors.


What is automated marketing?


Today,a large and increasing share of consumers are finding information about your brand and products from on-line social communities. Typically free and perceived as unbiased, these on-demand informal sources greatly influence decision makers in filtering their final choices.

Automated marketing commonly refers to a set of activities that manages this digital relationship with on-line social communities in a way that promotes brand recognition and sales. This includes content marketing, SEO, social marketing, lead ranking, lead nurturing, the more traditional email marketing.

Increasingly,bthese tools are integrated into the 'DNA' of corporate automation by providing a suite of management tools that together lower the cost of providing information to potential consumers while also ensuring sales receive higher quality leads.

Automated marketing is a powerful tool and it is bridging the gap and redefining the interaction between sales and marketing . Investing in automated marketing is not just an investment in technology but in how your engine of sales relates to the market.

What is the return on investment?


"Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months"

- Forrester Research 2012


Annual sales $5 million? Would you like to see a $500,000 increase in sales? With a $30k implementation you can be looking at over 15 x return on investment THE FIRST YEAR of implementation!


Budget or staff restrictions?


Budget and staffing are the most common barriers to increasing your lead generation success. If this is your situation here are some helpful tips:

  1. Prioritize your content marketing strategy. Create content consumers will value and push it to the social communities using channels that matter most in your market.
  2. Invest in on-line, simpler automated marketing tools. Most allow for monthly payments so your upfront investment is low and can be claimed as an operational expense. Concentrate on implementing short processes - as your team becomes familiar with the tools and process you will become better prepared to add complexity that reflects the behavior of your consumers.
  3. Begin to invest in staff and define processes. Build knowledge of digital marketing within your organization with on-line self-serve material. Use your vendor as a source of material. Begin to have sales and marketing engage in defining a sales-ready lead.

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