Using Speech-to-Text in Dynamics 365 Mobile

I was recently looking adding the capability to enter post-meeting notes via speech to meet the sales rep requirement of wanting to simplify the entering of meeting notes. Using the native microphone dictation services proved effective in achieving these goals; however, the number of clicks to achieve this goal was found numerous that lessened the convenience potential and thus usage and adoption. A future option will look at simplifying the ability to access the last Appointment for additional sales rep convenience and adoption gains.

The current issue is that meeting notes entered by sales field representatives are not sufficiently descriptive of meeting events and typos lead to misinterpretations.

The story line has a sales person leaving a meeting and, to meet management goals of timely entries, entering information soon afterwards.  The current method is to enter the notes into the meeting's Appointment record mainly via small form factor devices - iPhones, etc., from a position of standing, in a taxi, in another location, or from a plane depending on circumstances.

Standing is practical only for short entries; taxi entries is not possible for any user pronged to motion sickness; entries from other locations is feasible but may not be practical when visiting multiple customers on a short time frame; plane entries are practical and effective but many sales field calls do not require flight services.

It is proposed that to improve verboseness. convenience and timeliness, meeting notes could be done verbally through speech-to-text services. 

Initial investigation in implementing the recently deployed Speech-to-Text service was found unworkable in the mobile environment (although effective from a web / office environment).

The most practical solution was to have sales reps use the Dynamics 365 mobile app for taking post-meeting notes - specifically the 'After Meeting' Task Flow provided an improved interface to access and edit the last appointment record. Once open, the sales rep would click in the Description field of the Appointment record to activate the speech-to-text services available through the virtual keyboard and enter meeting notes.

Steps (from iPhone):
1. Login into iPhone
2. Open Dynamics 365 Mobile (assumes Sales Hub or other such Dynamics 365 App is already setup)
3. Click Task Flow icon
4. Click After Meeting
5. Click search field to show most recent Appointments with the latest meeting at the top.
6. Click latest Appointment to open
7. Click Next
8. Click into the Note field. This activates the virtual keyboard. 
9. Click the Microphone icon. This activates the microphone - the microphone is displayed and tone heard.
10 Sales rep enters the meeting notes
11. Click Next to complete the Task Flow

Once practiced, sales representatives that attempted to use the process found the changes more convenient. Meeting notes were longer and contained additional meeting complexities.  However, adoption was lower then expected due to the number of clicks to open the appointment and constraints on finding convenient times to train them.

A future solution will be reviewed that looks at reducing the complexity to access the latest appointment while retaining the use of the native device speech-to-text.
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