Disabling external portal authentication

The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement portal authenticates logins against a 'web portal' enabled Contact record.  Authorization is provided by the .NET platform. In addition to this local authentication process, authentication can be enabled to allow Facebook, Google, and Azure AD to authenticate. Where client requirements look to restrict 'data at rest' and 'data in transit' to specific geographic locations, it is likely that these authentication methods are disabled.

External authentication is enabled / disabled via setting various Site Setting entries.
To turn off Facebook and Google authentication methods:
  1. Open the portal
  2. Search and open the entry '
  3. Set the Value to 'False'

Setting Authentication/Registration/AzureADLoginEnabled to False 'should' turn off all non-local authentication. However, it does not remove Azure AD authentication.
To turn off Azure AD authentication:
  1.  Search open the entry 'Authentication/Registration/AzureADLoginEnabled'
  2. Set the Value to 'False'
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